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Where´s the Porsche?

Laura`s Interrogation Part 1

The story

Poor Laura. Once again her luck was down and she was heavily punished for something she didn`t even do. Her Mistress the Instructrice came back from holidays only to find that her valuable Porsche had vanished. Instructrice, of course, was furious and wanted to know the whole truth. Laura, who is not a traitor, wanted to protect the friend who was responsible for the missing car. So, what else could she do but endure a very long and painful interrogation.

Laura was tightly bound at the wrists with her arms above her head. Instructrice proceeded to use a small but stiff jockey whip on her ass. She was struck many times and her skin was red hot but still Laura kept her secret, she would never betray a friend. The more Laura resisted the angrier Instructrice got and the harder the whip lashes. Instructrice who changed the whip to a tight riding crop, continued working on Laura`s behind, determined to find out the truth. She asked again and again but Laura answered that she knew nothing. How long would she be strong?

By now Laura almost couldn`t take anymore and reacted to each stinging impact by turning herself around her own axis. This constant turning tightened the rope around her wrists, and bit by bit she slowly pulled herlself up towards the ceiling. Almost dangling, Laura was standing on her tip toes with her wrists aching and her back side burning. Instructrice, who was now fairly impatient, decided she had had enough.

Instructrice knew that Laura feared the Machine and the easiest way to get Laura to talk would be to invite the him over to continue the interrogation. Upon hearing that the Machine would try out his new

“driving whip”

on her, Laura knew there was no way out. Alone, she started crying to herself. Not just because of the pain from her wrists and the red hot marks the Instructrice left but also because she was afraid of the increadible pain that would come.