Where´s the Porsche?

Laura`s Interrogation Part 2

On her tip toes with the cuffs cutting into her wrists and her butt burning from the Instructrice’s Interrogation, Laura`s head was full of thoughts. She was very anxious and in great fear. Machine was on his way and he was bringing his new whip.

How long would she be able to protect her friend who was responsible for the the Instructrice´s missing Porsche?

How much pain and humiliation would she be able to take?

She knew the Machine would go further than the Instructrice, beating her with much more force and without any pause. He had done so before and Laura remembered that the pain he had inflicted was so severe that she knew she would probably break down during the Interrogation! No, she thought "I can`t talk, my friend will really get into trouble I have to keep the secret". But, what kind of whip was he going to use? This uncertainty made her heart race and her knees tremble.

Then, Laura heard the door knock......it was time, there was no escape. Her stomach turned and she closed her eyes. She heard the Instructrice welcome Machine.

The famous new whip was a driving or carriage whip that looked extremely dangerous.

Laura had never seen such a long instrument before but it was a beautiful shiny blue. Unfortunately, there was enough space in the room for Machine to swing out and strike her at the right places. By now Laura was sweating with nervousness, and as Machine hit the first time she already knew that it wouldn`t take long before she betrayed a friend. She could hear it come speeding through the air it made a swooshing sound. As it came, the driving whip completely coiled around her waist, pulling at her whole body. At first it struck her at the side burning into her soft flesh. The instrument then wound itself around her before the second impact released the worst pain- that of the hard tip hitting her. It made Laura shudder and she could do nothing but cry out. She kept turning on her own axis every turn lifting her up higher, slowly towards the ceiling. It was beyond her contol, she was helpless and she received one hit after another. Each time she heared the swooshing sound it made her skin tingle in anticipation of the impacts to come.

In the distance, in between the swooshing sounds, she could hear Instructrice asking her the same question over and over again. She was at the end of her strength after what seemed like an endless number of strikes. The pain and helplessness Laura felt was no longer bearable. That was when Laura talked, in spite of her good intentions. After two brutal Interrogations, Laura finally mentioned the name of the friend who had taken the Porsche. Laura would always feel like a traitor to Gwen, who would be adequately punished in due time!