Our Stars




Alex is something special. the cute Slowakian girl is extremly flexible and much into pain. You will be surprised what the 24 year old English teacher can do with her body....and what we can do with her , too ;)

The sessions with Alex you will see here on PainGate.com are outstanding! It's very erotic watching her beautiful body reacting under the whip. And the best: as harder as the strokes are this sweetie gets aroused more and more.

We are proud to present you

a real highlight under the whip!




Amazing SVENJA is a tall and slim blonde beauty from Stockholm, Sweden. Her fantastic body really fit all catwalk requirements.

But the most nessecary point is: can the 24 year old girl fullfill the strong PAINGATE requirements? After testing her limits we can definitively say:


As a dentist assistant SVENJA already knew a lot about pain - but only tooth pain. Now we teach her the intense pain from the different whips we have in use. And she admitted already:

'I hate the dog- and bullwhip most. They sting like hell'.

Good to know, darling, you will feel them again.....



Xenia is a very beautiful 19 year old Lithuania-born newcomer.

As many of our girls she never had any experience with corporal punishments before she met the PainCircle. In our first shooting with her she had to endure a severe singletailing on her fully naked body in front of an audience.

She was so ashamed, so shy and cute.

Every second of watching this cutie under the whip is worth it. Especially because Xenia learnd fast to stand the pain. She can take a lot but is still undecided if she likes it or not!



Felicitas is a real German wonder! The professional dancer not only has a mouthwatering trained body, she is also addicted to S&M .

The 23 year old likes to reach new limits here at PainGate. 'Please don't treat me soft', she asked MACHINE. He was really surprised how much pain Felicitas is able to endure.

Felicitas: 'I 'm sur I can take more. Please whip me harder!'

The pain sessions with this German wonder-body will leave you breathless, that's a promise.



Ella from Kentucky has a very secret hobby. Even her husband has no idea about her spare time activities.

The 23 year old cutie is just married and deep into punishment fantasies. To get what she needs Ella sometimes meets MACHINE to receive a harsh trashing for beeing nasty. Well, we think it's nasty enough not to tell her love the truth and to hide her beautiful body for some days till the stripes are gone.

Bad luck for the husband - good luck for all of us !



Sydney is a real Kiwi form down under. Travelling the world on a sailboat the cute girl finally run ashore in Athens, Greece. Since than the 27 year old beauty discovers the treasures of Europe.

We at PainGate show her the treasure of pain and domination.

Guess what, she loves it. Sydney says: 'I'm on my own, standing on my own feet, no boyfriend, no rules, no compromises. It's a great pleasure for me to be dominated, being forced with pain to do things normally I wouldn't do'.

We can assure you, Syndny, we have lot of those things in mind.





What a wonderful body FOXY has. No wonder: the tall blonde works as a fitness trainer in Oslo, Norway.

'When I was 14 I had my first kink fantasies', Foxy admits. And now with 26 she is deep into S&M. You would not think of but Foxy likes to play a slave role where somebody has to break her will constantly.

Foxy: 'pain is the gas in the motor of my fantasies'!

And we at PainGate like to be her gas-station ;))





Katja is an extreme girl for extreme sessions!

The 25 year old dancer love S&M games, especially whippings in unusual situations. If she gets the KICK in pain it is easy to bring her to a wild orgasm under the whip - a real show you should not miss. There are not many girls like her.

Sweet Katja has a natural knick to make us viewers feel great watching her in agony.





24 year old Chantal never felt the whip before. She didn't even experienced any kind of corporal punishment yet. That's why we were wondering when we got her application.

The blonde beauty wrote us from Berlin, Germany. She said, she would had been very curious when she first saw PainGate.com. She had no idea why but she felt exited while thinking she could be punished in front of spotlights and cameras.

It turend out that Chantal is able to endure a lot. Her first whipping was heavy already and she started to like that.

Well, the Germans... ;)





21 year old Sybil lives in Arlington, Virginia. She is partly German, some of her relatives still live in Halle, which is in former East Germany.

The young beauty knows a lot of the DDR history and the harsh methods of the governments.

Sybil asked us to fullfil her deepest fantasies about being captured in a fromer DDR prison, including all the inhuman treatments the STASI secret service had to offer.

It was a pleasure for us and I'm sure it will be one for you, too!

Sybil is a natural beauty who can handle a lot pain!!





Anika is barely legal, a 18 year old swedish novice in pain.

The blonde high school cutie still needs a harsh corporal punishment from timer to time. We at PainGate.com are happy to have the opportunity to accomplish her penalties.

During her whippings you will notice that this young beauty is not used to expose herself in front of foreign men. And she feels very ashamed to be punished the PainGate.com way.

That's what gives an extra cick watching Anika in agony!





Jeanne is 26 years old and lives in Paris. As a French girl she knows a lot a bout love but not yet much about submission and pain.

According to her wish we are about to change that - immediatly!

Such a wonderful well trained body needs to feel the whip. We want to see her winding in pain. And Jeanne is very curious, she wants it as well. But her training at PainGate.com will not be easy as you can see in the future.




19 year old Helen is a TOP ADD to the PainGate Club. This very erotic young beauty lives in Northern Italy. As a ski-guide in the Dolomities she knows how to teach.

But is she able to learn how to handle severe pain?

YES, she can!

Helen was surprised after our frist casting with her. 'I didn't expect it would hurt that much', she said, 'but each stroke gave me an extra kick to move even better during my strip dance. Surprisingly it makes me hot!'

Well, sweet Helen, you cannot imagine how hot we got during your first shooting.

PainGate will show this natural blonde beauty more often for your personal pleasure at home.




Vivian from Norway has come to PainGate.com as a new hardliner.

The 24 old student like extreme situations for her personal sexual fantasies. Soon in her life she learned to include severe pain to those dreams.

'It's because of my very rigid father', Vivian admits, 'he had beaten me many time when I was a teenager. And I always had to present my naked butt to him. One day I realized that I enjoy the punishment'.

Today Vivian enjoys her sootings with us - and we enjoy her pain as well. Thank you, Vivian !





Christa is 26 years old and from Denmark. Her profession is fashion, especially men clothes.

No collegue, no friend or relative has an idea what she has on mind about sexuality.

'I am deep into pain games', she admits. 'It arouses me to think of being captured and than strictly bound. I drive crazy by the idea of waiting for the punishment, thinking of the pain to come'.

This is exactly what we have in mind, too. All participants at PainGate.com like these ideas. And therefore Christa gets a very warm (stinging hot) welcome !




Priscilla now is 23 and was never brave enough for an outing of her extreme fantasies.

The sweet nurse from Hamburg, Germany, always dreamt about being captured and whipped hard on her naked bottom.

'The best scenario would be,' Priscilla told us, 'to be punished in front of a camera so every man could see me naked in agony.'

This arouses not her alone but her boy friend and all of us.

The first shooting was mouthwatering already. And she promised to come back!



Agnieska is a very good friend of Josefine and wanted to try our PainCircle.

The cute 22 year old waitress from the Czech Republic acted perfectly for her very first time. All at the set were amazed. She had no problem with taking the pain.

Before we started the first shooting with her Agnieszka said: 'don't worry about punishing me really hard. I deserve it anyway beause I'm always a very nasty girl'.

OK, Agnieska, that means you need a lot more punishments in the future!




Ines is sweet 24 and has a perfect body. Coming from Malaga in Southern Spain she is a real Andalusian wild horse, hot blood that needs to be tamed.

Ines found the way to PainGate herself and asked for a pain casting. For MACHINE and STRIKER it was a great job to whip such a beautiful girl.

And guess what, she asked for more! Thank you, Ines, you will get it - OLÉ!




Eve is an amazing young girl from Holland, just 20 years old with a perfect body shape. Her long legs lead to a beautiful round punishable bottom.

The cute blonde is very courious. She came to us as an absolute novize, she had never experienced any kind of corporal punishment. This is what we like most.

Lock in her beautiful eyes, see her surprise when the hard lashes of the singletail hit her soft skin. Be sure to see a lot more of this outstanding PainGate girl.




Beautiful Biggy is a German car mechanic from Berlin. And she is a real masochist.

With her 23 years she has already a lot experience in taking pain, always in search of new limits.

You know PainGate.com as website with no mercy but even HAGEN X did not find her limits.

We enjoyed her first session very much cause you you don't find many girls out there who are able to take such a harsh bullwhipping in suspension. Expect a lot more of her!



Dany is a real punk from downtown Berlin, Germany.

With her cute body the 24 year old student is exiting enough. But even more we love her ability to accept extreme punishments.

In fact Dany alway earns it, she breaks nearly every rule given to her... maybe just to make us angry (happy), who knows?



Sweet Josefine is just 22 years old and a great fan of all kinds of SM games.

Whipping is her favorite!

The Hungarian student loves PainGate.com because it is the only website focuses purely on real girl whippings and bondage in combination with authentic secenarios. Josefine likes to be pushed back in time. So we did and the result is breathtaking.

You'll see a lot more of her pretty soon.



Mariah is a very erotic young lady from Belgium.

Already as a young teen she had these 'strange fantasies'. Now with 23 she wants to feel it in reality: humilation, force and pain.

'The unexpected sting from a whip lash endured in helpless bondage is a great feeling', she says.

'And I will push my limits'. That's what we want to hear from you, darling.




Our new member in the Pain Circle Rahya is very exotic beauty.

Originally emmigrated from Teheran, Iran, the 23 elegant beauty now has her free live free in Spain.

Free? Not really! She still loves to be forced from time to time. Men should hurt her. She wants to feel pain to get aroused. Rahya is difficult to handle, Persian blood makes her a real wild horse.

But see yourself, she is outstanding!





Uschi is our German newcomer. Born in East-Berlin she now lives in Venice, Italy. Of course it was her new love who pulled her to this fantasitc city.

'The only problem with my love is that he doesn't like my secret fantasies', Ushi says, ' that's the reason why I contacted Laura at PainGate.com'.

MACHINE and all of us are happy she did so. Her very first whipping was already very promising. She was able to take a full dose of extreme severe singletail and dogwhip lashes.

And the best: she needs it !


You'll hardly find such a brave and proud girl!

We love Isabella!

She is cute, she has secret masochistic dreams and she shares them with us. See her interviews in the 'REALTOR' session.

Isabella grew up in the Bay area under a very dominat father. Maybe that explains her pain dreams.

Today the 25 year old waitress makes her dreams come true - and ours, too!!




Lynette is extreme beautiful blonde with the perfect body! This body is also perfect for real harsh punishments. The 23 year old Stockholm universty student has many talents.

She is a great role player. Put her in the PainGate Boot-Camp and she will feel like in inmate.

Lynette endures very severe whippings and suspensions to our pleasure!


She has a great body and she is very curious. 25 year old Stella is a lyric writer born in Transylvania - yes, that's where Dracula was home. Maybe that's the reason why Stella wants to discover the darker side of life.

Our PainGate specialists treat her very hard. She should feel real pain from real whippings. STRIKER says: 'it is always a pleasure for me to punish such a perfect body'

For us too, Striker ;)


MERCEDES is something very special. We never punished a girl with such long hairs till the ass and similar long legs. Best of it, she loves to be treated the PainGate way.

'I hate pain at the moment it comes. But before the punishment and after it I feel very aroused by being whipped hard. Maybe that's the reason why I always want to be a bad girl', she admits.

We give Mercedes roles to play like the unwilling bride. That helps this wilde horse to let herself fall into the corporal punishments we all love so much.


Ever since LUCY has joined us she says she can´t stop fantasizing about these painful whipping sessions.

"In my daily life everyone is always so friendly and gentle with me, maybe because I am shy and I  look so innocent. The truth is, I like it rough. Tightly bound to ropes or fastened to chains and then a mean dominant Master to stip and humiliate me. Someone who really knows how to hurt me with the whip until I scream for him to stop. This is what arouses and excites me. "

Well, Lucy, don´t worry we will make your dreams come true!



Justine became a PainGate girl as your christmas present. She is very young, just 20 years old and had no experience in pain at all.

But the German student is willing to learn even if it means she will be bullwhipped all over her naked body.

And we all love her body: tall, top figure, long legs and her cries under the whip....


Enjoy her pain! She'll be back soon!



GINA is something special - the TOP-Model has deep brown eyes, such a sweet face and an awsome body perfectly made for whipping!

The 22 year old college student from Belgium normally models for lingerie and bikinis. But she is into BDSM, her hidden fantasies. Gina found PainGate only by luck. First she was surprised that there is place where other girls express their lifestyle in such a realistic invironment.

We are very glad she gave us a call. She said: 'don't get me wrong, I do not want to model for PainGate, I want to test my limits in a real punishment. Believe me, I've earned it. Whip me, please. Whip me real hard!'

During her very first real punishment Gina became wild, she really loved to be treated the PainGate way. And she asked us to come back.

But Gina, you dan't have to ask for it....we beg you on our knees! Such a wonderful girl is simply perfect here on PainGate.com



Oh ,what a beauty...and the level of intense pain she can stand...

Sonja is a real show!

The cute surfer-girl is from South Africa and always searching for a new challenge, in the rolling sea waves and the waves of pain branding in her brain from a harsh whiplash!

The PainCircle pushes her to new limits. Striker and Machine will do their best to treat her as worst as they can.

Be excited, you can witness Sonja's punishments exclusive only here on PainGate.com.



Here you see the Instructrice with me. As you can witness in the PainGate. I`m often punished, simply because I need and want it.

I love to be bound and whipped especially with the bullwhip.

I hate the cane and all the horsewhips, but my Masters use them anyway.

The most painful instrument for me? The lounge-whip, it makes me writhe in pain and lust.



What an angel - long blonde hair reaches near the very long beautiful legs. MIA is a real show - but she first didn't want to become part of 'our' show.

She never had any kind of corporal punishment before.

Well, Machine did his very best to entertain the watching audience and to teach the young Estonian beauty what REAL pain is.

You have to decide yourself if the experiment was successful, if Mia is worth to 'entertain' us once more.



Jill is PainGates volunteer. She should learn the technical aspects like setting links etc.

For sone reasons she fails from time to time. And if you as a member detect it you leave us notice in the forum.

Than Jill is sentenced to a severe punishment. Don't worry, she signed for CP in her contract. She knew whats coming.

Jill can take more than many other girls - and she needs to......


As a dentist this Italian beauty needs to know a lot about pain, of course. But in her 27 years Lisa never ever felt pain inflicted on her naked body.

It was always her dream to get humiliated the PainGate way. Well - we tried our very best and in result Lisa likes to stay in the PainCircle.

Hopefully none of us ever needs her medical attention on a journey to Italy.... :-)))))



she is a natural beauty from Germany and she wanted to be amoung the PainCircle girls -

JANE, a 23 year young student, is always in search for new experiences, new limits. Machine and the others were glad to give her a hand - better the SNAKE WHIP, that very awefull tool, just to start with.

Oh, oh, these Germans can take a lot!


Madeleine is petite, of course, she is from France. We've met her down on the mediterranean coast. The southern sun gives her sweet body a perfect ilumination.

Madeleine likes pain and she likes to be pushed to new frontiers. So we did and the result is an extreme severe punishment and lots more to come..

....bien sure, mon cherie!




Beth is 21 years old and comes from Norway. Being from the far north deasn't mean to be cold booded. The blonde fisher-women (yes, she's hunting for fish in the rough nothern ocean) likes to break out from her regular life from time to time.

Beth found her heaven at PAINGATE. Especially in the new HISTORY GATE sessions she is able to let herself fall deeply into an acient role play.

And the Pain? " I love it, it gives the kick to everything", she says, " being whipped is great, especially when the surrounding fits all my senses".

Of course we love to comport you the best possible way, Beth :)




Catherine is a real 'wild horse'

The 21 year old mechanic from Belgium had a lot of fantasies but no experience.

Now it is the other way around. The INSTRUCTUR let her feel real pain - I mean REAL PAIN!

Her first punishment was a full force whipping with dogwhip on her cute ass and between her legs.

Welcome in the PainCircle, Catherine ;)



Helena is an award winning GOGO-dancer in Berlin. Deep in the vibrant fetish community of the reunited German capital the 24 year old sweetheart enjoys some pain - but here on PainGate.com she needs MORE:

'It's amazing how much I can endure', she admitts, 'my pain level is growing with every session and I start loving it'.

That's what we want to hear, Helen. I'm sure we'll see a lot more of you in the future.



Angie and Kathy are the first twins we filmed together in one session. And this session is the first Pain-Star-Search whipping we present you.

A friend brought these beautiful 21 years old girlies to the very critical PainGate casting crew. At the begining the cuties didn't know exactly what kind of casting they had to absolve. But in the end Machine, his whips and the Instructice leaded the girlies to a fantastic whipping action.

Angie and Kathy liked the filming with us in the end. I'm sure we'll see more of the famous twins.




Shirley is a all natural hard-body! The 22 years old beauty comes from South California and is a sports-student.

We've been impressed about how much pain this girl is able to take. She told me about her youth on a ranch somewhere in Utah and that she has been used to punishments. But she never felt a whip before.

I'm very sure this has not been the last session we filmed with sportive Shirley!





Salma is just geat!

In my opinion she's one of the most beautiful women we've filmed. And she's a real natural cutie. Salma was born in Seville in south spain. Today the 23 years old beauty lifes in Barcelona - she told me people would be more openminded there. Salma is at the right place: In spite of the missunderstanding about the photoshooting she did this session with us.

And we're looking forward to more exciting movies with her!





Brigit called from Prague to become a paingate model.

She is a student and allready working as a Photomodel. So she had a phantastic setcard. But she never had been punished bevore. We've sended her a ticket to meet the Punisher!

Later, after her session, Brigit told me this would have been an exciting experience to her. And we think it has been a phantastic session!





Jessy or Mrs. Walker is 26 years old, lives in south spain near Malaga and is working for an real estate agent. A tough business women how wants get humilated from time to time.

She found the way to paingate by sending a answer on our model-call. We think she's a perfect girl for our circle as she did a great first session under the LIB's severe regime.

Jessy:"the problem is that I cannot get submissive enough. I always have to fight against my punisher. And that makes it worse for me - good for you, of course!"




Yvette iss working as a waitress at a big hotel in Paris. We met the 25 year old beauty in Amsterdam.

She had the wish to be a paingate model - we gave her the chance for a casting. At the end Machine was proud to present 'his' new girl. That means, the session has been fantastic in his eyes.

"When Laura told me I will enjoy being treated by the Machine" Yvette says,"I didn't believe her. But after all the pain I had to endure I was fascinated about his force as well"

As Yvette is a very nasty girl you can be sure to see more of her. She really needs to be punished from time to time.



23 year old Nina is something special. She loves pain but hates to be whipped. The Norwegian student gives you always a reason to punish her.

What should we do? PainGate.com is about whipping and caning. When a girl like Nina needs pain it means she asks for the whip, at least the PainCircle does see it this way.

After a punishment has started it is amazing what Nina can handle. You won't leave her until every inch of her body is red and blue.



She just finished college and works as a hairdresser. Sweet 18 years old NICOLE has the perfect body to be punished at PainGate.com

This young beauty didn't know what will happen to her in the casting hour. Okay, the boyfriend told her she will pose for a BDSM magazine - perhaps with a little pain. I fact she had to endure many kinds of whips and bondage in a very painful way.

She was shouting and tried to escape like somebody who doesn't enjoy nothing of the situation.

"But later", Nicole had to admit: " when I saw and felt the welts all over my body, it was somehow exiting "!

You will see more of her, for sure!




JULIETTE is a wonder.

She wants to kick and bite you and cries like hell during her punishments. But we know the 22 year old blond grace likes the pain and the whole situation around.

She needs the hard way, very painful bondage combined with long stinging whips. When her whole body burns like fire than she's happy.

Amazing what she can and often has to endure, watch yourself in the GATES



Marian is a gift of the growing europe to us. This 21 year old beauty was born in estonia. She's a forwarding agent.

When our pain scout found her at a club of Tallinn, she was jocking about being punished. You're witness of her very first session. She learned that there is nothing to laugh about.


Sonja was born in Finland and is 23 years old now. Our blonde busty beauty is working as a nurse in a big hospital.

From her early schooldays she was used in being spanked by teachers and parents. Someday Sonja learned to love the pain, she told me. I have the feeling that she only is provoking our masters to be punished. And she really can take a lot!




Angie is a first class masochist.

Born in South Africa, this Babe enjoys to be disciplined. Since her first meeting with the PainGate Masters and Mistresses, she is has proven to have the "Stuff". She proudly takes hard bullwhiplashes without crying and believe me : she never seems to be satisfied.

A full body whipping with over 300 lashes!

Watch her loose control and be a witness of her most ecstatic moments. ENTER THE GATES!




She is 21, she is sweet, she cannot behave-she doesn´t want to behave because she needs to feel the whip!

Alison was intrduced to the PainCircle by Pain- group from Sweden. The tall girl likes to be silent during her punishment. But believe Us, we can make her cry! There are many exeptional breast whippings/croppings with her in the Gates.She is real, no silicon. She feels every stinging whiplash!!




This beauty´s name is Aphrodite. The 23 year old receptionist loves to be humiliated.

She enjoys taking whipping and harsh canings. Aphrodite is flexible and open to new things. She is willing to absorbe any pain you might think of.

She probwbly learned to behave and accept corporal punishments in her country of origin, Haiti. We are happy to present many unique sessions with this mouth watering girl.





Lia is only 19 years old but she cannot say she doesn't like beeing punished.

Watch our Masters introduce the girl to hard sticks like canes, crops and switches. We think she has potential and she´ll like our pain games at some point in time

....see the GATES!



Our youngest 'horse in the stable'

18 year old Angel wrote us from Prague. She had a new aupair job in the US and wanted to join us during her stay abroad.

We decided to test this European cutie as we always do with newcomers and she turned to be a girl who really can take a lot.

"I still fear the pain", she admits,"but I'm turned on by a strong hand. That's why I wanted to join the PainCircle".

As you can imagine, she found what she was looking for and We are happy to watch her enjoy the pain We give.






Veronique is a very simple country girl from Kansas.

She remembers her childhood and needs to be hurt and humilated like in the past. She loves being spanked and whipped from time to time. The 20 year old is now grown but wants to be small again. She joined our circle not long ago.

You´ll find some great sessions with her in the Full Session Gate.




This is Betty, a 19 year old student from Conneticut. She is a relativly new member of the PainCircle, brought by a PainGate.com visitor.

She loves bondage and pain! Only when she feels totally helpless does turns her on.

Betty hates the bullwhip but she has to endure it because Sir M calls her a very disobedient girl.




Look at this Honey.

Sarah is shy, she comes from Sweden and is still not sure if she does likes our "sessions". She is curiuous though and she is young. But the reality is different, she says, she gets discouraged sometimes.




20 year old Gwen from Germany is an old friend. She was one of the PainCircle founders and very deep into submissive.

As you see in the sessions with her she is able to take a lot, but even she has a limit where the pain gets too much.

Besides myself only Gwen had to endure a punishment with the longe or driving whip. Such a painful full body whipping is only used in very serious cases, that`s not a game!




Our wonderful Christine. Spanish blood makes her like a fury when being beaten. With 24 years she has a very strict husband who was already PainGate member before he decided to leave her discipline to our critical audience.

Christine is into many bdsm related games: waxing, clamps, bondage and cropping of course.

She hates nothing, Christine says, but dislikes if she has to be punished without a real reason. But believe me, we always find new reasons.




Blondie has a normal life, yes:) The 27 old cutie works in a gouvernment office. Nobody knows about her second life at the Pain Circle.

She wrote me a year ago from  Denmark and asked for the requirements to become a model at PainGate.com. I answerd: 'nothing but enthusiasm'! She  said, no problem, her former boyfriend had her over the knee more than once.

Today she gos farer than pure spanking, Blondie needs to be punished with crop, various whips and the cane, but only when is no other way to rule her.





27 year old Julie has a secret. Her husband don`t no nothing about her most private needs. Once a week she tells him something about late work but she visits us.

Julie likes to witness serious punishments and she loves to be spanked and caned like in the school. The only problem is, she has to hide her body for at least a week , a visit at the Pain Circle leaves serious marks, definitly!





Vanda`s origin is East Europe. Four years ago the 25 year old decided to come to the New World to live free without chained mind but chained wrists and ankles ;) Brave decision, Vanda.

We love the way she takes even hardest supensions and long dressage whips. Vanda is truly a masochist.



There are many more models at PainGate, they come and go. From time to time we will feature a new girl that needs to pe punished.

And what`s with you, do you have a punishment for one or all of us? Send me an email.


Model call

PainGate.com is looking for GIRLS ONLY for upcoming sessions. If you share our lifestyle, or simply want to experience something new and earn great money don`t hesitate to get in touch with me.

You MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE and be able to prove it.

No sexual activity! Nudity is also not necessary. You can remain anonymous (we can also keep your face from appearing)

Our shootings take place in several areas throughout Europe, mainly London and Frankfurt but sometimes also in Miami or L.A.

Work Ethic

We will do all we can to make your modelling experience as enjoyable as possible.  We want to find models who enjoy the activites our sites portray.  You can expect us to be respectful and to work strictly within your limits. For any kind of bondage activity you will have a safeword.

We will give you a copy of all the pictures shot which you can use in any way you like (they will be marked with our URL).

Arranging a trip?
We will cover your travel and hotel costs during your stay.  

Please note we could only consider your request if you include 2 or 3 photos, a description of your preferences (e.g. bondage, moderate or severe whipping or caning), a valid phone number (for contact purpose only).

I`m looking foreward to here from you E-mail